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Credit Value: 3

Instructor: Pastor Dave Meyers

Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive look at both the historical, theological, and practical aspects regarding the subject of Homiletics. Through this study we will seek to learn how we, as both students and preachers of God's Word, can build clear, comprehensible bridges between the world of scripture and the contemporary age in which we live. The student will learn both the Biblical foundation from preaching and very practical ways to strengthen and enhance their preaching ability.

Required Textbook: "Between Two Worlds", by: John Stott

Credit Value: 3

Instructor: Pastor Jason Silver

Course Description:  A holistic approach to Christian worship ministry in the Church. Whether you’re training to be a Lead Pastor, Worship Leader, Missionary, or a Children’s Church Director - worship ministry touches them all.  We are all called to be worshippers, not just the musicians and singers. Worship is integral to every ministry within the local Church body. For it to be the most effective, the different ministries must learn to develop a culture of worship together, and understand the priorities and essentials of fruitful worship.

Required Textbook: "Worship Matters", by: Bob Kauflin

Credit Value: 3

Course Description: In Malachi 1, the Lord rebukes His people Israel because they had a propensity to offer to Him less than their very best. For sure, they had offered something, but it wasn’t the very best they had to offer. God took it as an insult then, and there is no doubt He does so now. We need to first get a vision for excellence, and then strive for excellence in every area of life and ministry. This course will begin to explore and further this process.

Required Textbook: no additional textbook.