Credits: 3

Instructor: Dr. Ron Den Otter, Ph.D.

Course Description:

The counselling that pastors tend to do most is counselling related to relationships and related to personal and family crisis.

  • What are the right things to say to a couple that comes to you for pre-marriage counselling? How can you help them establish their marriage on a good foundation?
  • What do you say to the couple that comes to you for help with a marriage that’s in trouble?
  • What do you tell the parents who have lost control of their teenager, and want you to help them?
  • - When the phone rings and the teary voice on the other end tells you that her dad has died, what do you say? What do you do?
  • How do you offer hope to the person who has just received “bad news” from the doctor?
  • How do you counsel the person who has just learned that his or her spouse has been unfaithful?

As a pastor, it’s only a matter of time until you run into some of these situations. Whether the person seeking your help is from your church, or is approaching you because they “found you in the phone book," your response needs to communicate the love of God, and bring the wisdom, the perspective, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Required Textbook: "Christian Counseling" (3rd Edition), by: Gary R. Collins

Credit Value: 3

Instructor: Dr. Ron den Otter, Ph.D

Course Description: Writing a thesis is one of the most important steps in completing your degree. There are many rules that you must respect if your thesis is to meet the standardized requirements in regards to format. Whether you are writing the thesis to complete a degree in Theology or in Christian Counselling, this course is designed to help and guide you during the process of your writing.  

NOTE: A student should NOT take this course unless ready to begin their thesis project.

Course Objectives:

  • What is a thesis
  • The importance of integrity & credibility
  • How to choose a thesis topic
  • How to complete a literature review and build an active bibliography
  • How to write an original hypothesis
  • How to write a thesis proposal (prospectus)
  • How to write an acceptable thesis
  • What deadlines to respect 

Required Textbooks:

  • "A Manual for Thesis Research & Writing" - pdf version included
  • "Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Thesis and Dissertations" (7th or 8th edition), by: Kate L. Turabian